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The Wish: The Art of Judy Garland Opens Tonight!


“The Wish, The Art of Judy Garland” celebrates the true essence and artistry of Judy Garland through her songs and poetry, creating a new understanding of her timeless interpretations. Her poetry, which was never published during her lifetime, paints a lyrical, colorful picture of the human striving for love and recognition. Not an impersination, but an impression that creates a powerful portrait of the woman who was an influential musician and a history-making movie icon. Lisa Jason Hough sings with three piece band. thewishnewphoto5


Movie Night at the Provincetown Theater Friday, July 11 & 18

Two films by local artist and film director Arthur Egeli


A black comedy about two lesbians who find the perfect sperm donor…or so they thought.   Cast will be present.   Written by Arthur Egeli and Heather Hayes.  Running time: 14 minutes



A thrilling adventure set against the majestic Washington State coast.  A beautiful native guide takes two explorers deep into the rainforest in search of the remains of the Orphan Tsunami of 1700.   When they finally reach the legendary sky burial grounds, a twist of fate leaves them fighting for their own survival.  Produced by Arthur Egeli and Judith Richland. Running time: 88 minutes