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Fantasia Fair Presents

Please join us on Monday, October 19th at 8pm for an award winning performance by Scott Turner Schofield.

Debutant Balls

Scott Turner Schofield returns to Fantasia Fair to perform “Debutante Balls,” his comedy about the fascinating culture of the Southern Debutante Ball.


Movie Night at the Provincetown Theater Friday, July 11 & 18

Two films by local artist and film director Arthur Egeli


A black comedy about two lesbians who find the perfect sperm donor…or so they thought.   Cast will be present.   Written by Arthur Egeli and Heather Hayes.  Running time: 14 minutes



A thrilling adventure set against the majestic Washington State coast.  A beautiful native guide takes two explorers deep into the rainforest in search of the remains of the Orphan Tsunami of 1700.   When they finally reach the legendary sky burial grounds, a twist of fate leaves them fighting for their own survival.  Produced by Arthur Egeli and Judith Richland. Running time: 88 minutes