Playwrights’ Lab

The Playwrights’ Lab has supported and nurtured my work in so many ways.  Writing is lonely work, and there’s nothing better than getting to hear other voices read your work out loud, then get feedback on what worked, what needs development.  We don’t re-write each other’s plays, but we applaud and encourage each other, in new work or revision.

Candace Perry, Lab Member

I’ve been a part of the Provincetown Theatre Foundation’s Playwrights’ Lab for more than 7 years. Amazing support and connections have developed along the way to offset the doubt and frustrations inherent in bringing our plays from the page to the stage.

Jerry Thompson, Lab Member




 New meeting time and place, upstairs at WOMR

All playwrights, directors, actors and theater lovers welcome!

Next meeting: Sunday, Sept 6, 2015

To join the Lab you must attend two consecutive lab meetings as an observer.  Playwrights, directors, actors, and interested audience are invited to hear new work, give feedback, etc.

Playwrights bring work in progress to the lab where it is read by lab members and/or invited actors. The philosophy of the “Lab” mandates that all criticism be non-confrontational and constructive. The “Lab” is a safe environment for playwrights to concentrate on creating new work.

Playwrights from the lab, along with the general public are welcome to submit new, unprofessionally produced work as part of our Spring and Fall Playwrights’ Festivals. Check the submissions link in this menu for deadlines and calls for submissions.

To get on the Playwrights’ Lab e-mail list and found out about the next meeting write Tim Bosworth, at