Event Equipment

The Provincetown Theater comes fully equipped with recently purchased lighting, sound, and audio-visual equipment. This equipment is included in the basic rental charge for both non-profit, (must be a registered 501c3 charitable organization) and for-profit performances, conferences, parties and events. Please click on “Technical Specs” to review our available equipment and a basic theater floor plan (Last updated 2007).

Technical Specifications

Soft Goods

Soft good supply and availability vary from production to production. Following list is subject to change:


Borders / Legs / Full Stage Panels

(1) 4’-0” x 50’-0” Black Velour Border, 50% fullness, Sewn Chain Pocket, Grommets and Ties

(2) 15’-0” x 12’-0” Black Velour Leg, 0% fullness, Sewn Chain Pocket, Grommets and Ties

(4) 15’-0” x 8’-0” Black Commando Cloth Legs, 0% fullness, Pipe Pocket, Grommets and Ties

(2) 15’-0” x 25’-0” Black Commando Cloth Full US Panel, 50% fullness, Sewn Chain Pocket, Grommets and Ties

(2) 12’-0” x 25’-0” Red Velour Full US Panel, 50% fullness, Sewn Chain Pocket, “S” hooks

*** One of these has smoke damage and is generally unusable w/o cleaning.


Canvas and Muslin

(1)18’-0” x 30’-0” Light Canvas Drop (cyc) w center seam, ties and grommets

(1) 8’-0” x 5’-6” Light Canvas Drop w “S” hooks, ties and grommets

(1) 4’-0” x 11’-8” Muslin Cloth w center seam, paint spotted

(1) 8’-0” x 11’-8” Muslin Cloth w center seam, paint spotted

(1) 7’-0” x 37’-0” Muslin Drop with ties and grommets

(2) 12’-0” x 23’-0” Hvy Wt Muslin w/ “S” hooks, grommets (painted)

(1) 10’-0” x 12’-0” Muslin Drop w/ grommets and ties (painted)



(2) 12’-0” x 9’-4” Blk Sharkstooth w/ “S” hooks

(1) 4’-6” x 9’-0” Bobbinette, Weave A

Ridiculous Amounts of Black Sharkstooth Scrim scraps in a variety of sizes.



(2) 10’-0” x 8’-0” Silver Lumina Leg w/ enforcer but no grommets

(1) 20’-0” x 9’-0” Silver Lumina Panel w/ enforcer but no grommets

(2) 24’-0” x 14’-0” China Silk Panel w/ Ties

(5) 8’-0” x 14’-0” China Silk Legs


Theater Floor

The floor plan of the space can vary according to production design. The current floor is a ¾ in plywood finish open to painting and possible attachment of scenic pieces when necessary, however all holes must be filled upon load-out. No dance floor is available.



(2) Two fiberglass A-Frame ladders, one at 10’ and one at 12’.


The theater currently has 12 metal platforms with collapsible legs. They measure as follows: 6 @ 24” / 3 @ 16” / 3 @ 8”



The theater has a limited number of 90° Rigid Cheeseborough, rated chain, and rated shackles available for use. You are encouraged to provide all necessary rigging hardware for your show.


Lighting Equipment

Dimming 96 x 2.4kw ETC Sensor Touring Rack

(1 dimmer reserved for houselight control)

Control PC running “Horizon Basic” Windows based lighting control software

Fixtures 24 ETC Source-4 26° @ 575w

40 ETC Source-4 36° @ 575w

32 ETC Source-4 50° @ 575w

24 Source-4 Parnel

4 L&E 6’ Mini strip (w/ trunions and clamps)

Accessories 40 Template Holder (“B” Sized) for Source-4

12 Template Holder (“A” Sized) for Source-4

6 Drop-in Iris for Source-4

12 4 way Barndoors for S4 Pars

2 Weighted Followspot Handles for Source-4

1 12” Mirror Ball w/ Motor

1 LE Flame Unit in hanging bowl (no stand)

Color frames and safety cables available for all units.


Sound Equipment

Speakers 4 ElectroVoice SX300e

2 ElectroVoice SX200

Subwoofers 4 ElectroVoice Sb121a

Amps 4 ElectroVoice 7300a

Mixer 1 Behringer Eurorack 2004a

Playback 1 Sony MXD-D3 CD/MD Deck

1 Denon ND2000F Dual CD Deck

Microphones 2 Shure SM58



The control booth (lighting and sound) is located on the 2nd floor of the building and overlooks the entire space. Video monitors are positioned in the booth and at stage level and camera is adjustable from the back of the house. There are clearcom stations available backstage L and R, as well as in the booth.



The grid is constructed of 11/2” OD Schedule 40 Pipe. Trim heights vary as grid follows the pitch of the roof. Please see section view for further information.



There is no shop available on- site at this space.


Dressing Rooms

(2) Dressing rooms are available, each accommodating 5 performers. Dressing rooms are equipped with lighted mirrors, chairs, wardrobe racks, sink, toilet, refrigerator and microwave. There is a single shower available across hall from dressing rooms.



There is no additional wardrobe facility on-site. An apartment style stacked washer/dryer unit, ironing board, household iron and Jiffy steamer are available for use.



All props, costumes and scenic pieces should be stored within the auditorium or dressing rooms is possible. However, in the circumstance when more than one production is running in rep, an outdoor storage unit can be made available for scenic pieces. The upper floor also contains a small amount of space available for back up storage of costumes, properties etc.


Loading Door

Load-in access to the space is through the door from the parking lot on the north side of the building – door dimensions are 83” h x 33” w. There is a loading door on the building’s east side – dimensions are 106” h x 118” w, however, use of the loading door requires removal of a platform of the stage and is highly discouraged. As the theater shares a driveway with neighboring buildings, all trucks must be parked in the rear parking lot and may not block driveway access. Nothing may be loaded through lobby doors.


Effects/Live Flame

The use of live flame (candles, lanterns etc.) is subject to the theater’s approval. Generally live flame is allowed provided it is actor operated or in a flame proof container. A working fire extinguisher and fire blanket must be situated in the wings with a crew member trained in their operation standing by at all times a live flame is present. Additional approval may be required by Provincetown Fire Dept and all use is subject to their regulations. ***Please note that all scenery, props, costumes, and special effects must conform to the regulations of the Provincetown Fire Department.


Atmospheric Effects (Smoke / Haze / Fog)

(1) Chauvet FX-800 Fog machine All use of atmospheric effect is subject to the theater’s approval, and must abide by all regulations of the Provincetown Fire Dept.



Smoking is prohibited in the building. On-stage smoking must be approved by the theater.



The use of firearms is subject to the theater’s approval. Additional approval may be required of the Provincetown Police Dept, and all use is subject to their regulations.


Audience Notification

Audience notification is required whenever a production includes smoke, haze, fog, or other atmospheric effects, stroboscopic lighting effects, live gunshots, nudity or smoking. Notification must be displayed conspicuously in the lobby.