Facility Dimensions

The Provincetown Theater is a “black box” space, measuring approximately 47’- 0” by 46’-0”. It is commonly configured as a proscenium space with the following dimensions:

Current Stage Dimensions 24’-0” Wide x 17’-6” Deep

Edge of Seating Platform to Back Wall along CL 24’-9”

CL to SL Wall 23’-6”

CL to SR Wall 23’-3”

Edge of Seating Platform to Dead Hung Traveler Track 10’-3”

In this configuration the stage occupies the length of the northern wall of the theater, with seating risers on the southern wall.

Please note, to maintain a clear path for emergency egress, a minimum 3’-0” space must remain between any scenic or prop item and the first row of audience seating.

Floor Plan (Last updated 2004).