Join us at the Provincetown Theater for Election Night !
NOV 8th, 6:00PM – ?
LIVE feed of election results on the BIG SCREEN
Complementary light refreshments and snacks provided by
Scott Cakes and other awesome local eateries
Door Prizes and Raffle
Top Shelf Cash Bar
Suggested donation of $10 or more at the door



“Eirebrushed” by Brian Merriman

 The untold story of Ireland’s 1916 gay and lesbian heroes emigrates to Provincetown.

Presented by The International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival, “Eirebrushed” by Brian Merriman, comes to Provincetown Theater, the theatrical home of Tennessee Williams and Eugene O Neill hosted by Provincetown Dramatic Arts on Thursday Nov 10-12th. In the week that the US will elect a new President, “Eirebrushed” is a timely reflection on the principles of democratic inclusiveness, equal opportunity, and the reality of republican ideals, by those inspired to combat oppression and exclusion in 1916 Ireland.

“Eirebrushed” is sponsored by Culture Ireland, which creates and supports opportunities for Irish artists and companies to present and promote their work at strategic international festivals and venues. “Eirebrushed” is part of an international culture programme to celebrate the Ireland 2016 Centenary Programme globally.

“Eirebrushed” stars Maria Blaney as nurse Elizabeth O’Farrell, who was famously airbrushed out of the 1916 surrender photograph, Flo McSweeney as author, trade unionist and activist sister of Countess Markievicz, Eva Gore Booth, John Kelly as poet-turned-revolutionary Padraig Pearse, and Stephen Gorman as human rights activist Roger Casement. The four revolutionaries return 100 years after the 1916 rising to tell the hidden stories of the lives of some of the heroes who would not ‘fit’ the vision of the new ‘Republic of equals’ that was promised in the Irish revolution.

Full of humour, pathos and actual testimony, “Eirebrushed” seeks to challenge the conventional Irish Republican stereotype and to set out the contribution of lesbian and gay people at a time of struggle to overcome oppression in Ireland.

Playwright and Director Brian Merriman is the Founder and Artistic Director of the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival, where many Provincetown playwrights and artists have performed. The International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival is a unique annual event, celebrating positive LGBT identity through theatre and the contribution of gay people, past and present, to the arts. Founded in 2004 with the aim to create new opportunities for visibility and affirmation of emerging LGBT artists and theatrical works with an LGBT theme or relevance, the festival has grown to become the largest event of its type in the world.

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