Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”




Directed by Jake Ford.
Peregrine Theatre Ensemble is excited to play with some of the greatest words ever written by arguably the greatest playwright and sculptor of the English language. Peregrine’s coming production of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” promises to be a fast paced, modern, pulls-no-punches meditation on madness, paranoia, truth and politics. Oh yes, and love. Suspicion and dark humor reign as an unstable nation teeters on the brink of war and a vengeful heir toys with murder and madness. In love, as in the politics of war, no truth can be trusted. We know how it ends, but we can’t wait to see what happens.


Ben Berry: Hamlet

Marisa Skillings

Marisa Skillings: Ophelia/ Osric

Go Mahan

Go Mahan: King Claudius/ Ghost 


Tessa Bry Taylor: Gertrude

Nathaniel Hall Taylor

Nathaniel Hall Taylor: Polonius/ Fortinbras

Angel Valentin: Horatio

Jake Glassman: Laertes/ Francisco


Jake Ford

Jake Ford: Bernardo/ Player Queen/Gravedigger

Kristen Luzi: Guildenstern/ Marcellus

Missy Michael Jamieson: Rosencrantz/ Messenger

Matt ZanFagna: Player King/ Captain/ Gentleman/ Lord

Tier One  $38.75
Tier Two $28.75

$3.50 of each ticket price is contributed to The Provincetown Theatre Foundation