24 Hour Theater Festival



The Provincetown Theater’s Playwrights’ Lab will stage its 5th Annual 24 Hour Theater Festival on Saturday, January 31st, 2015. In the great tradition, a gathering of writers, actors and directors will convene at the Provincetown Theater on Friday, Jan. 30th at 5pm. From the pick of names out of a hat, writers will be assigned directors and directors their casts. Writers will then repair to their places of inspiration to construct ten-minute plays due no later than 7:00am, Saturday morning. Twelve hours later, eight ten-minute plays will be mounted and staged for a sold out show. It’s fast, it’s furious, and always FUN!

What you need to know:

Send in your 1st and 2nd choice of discipline: Writer, Actor or Director to 24HP Committee Member, Paul Pilcher, at

paulpilcher@comcast.net ASAP. Here’s why: This year, there will be a maximum of eight ten-minute plays of no more  than ten pages with a maximum of four actors per play; 32 actors total. In the event of a surplus of thespian participation, a lottery from a wait-list will be drawn. Those who wish only to act will be given a spot on a wait list in case someone drops out. However, those who might be willing to direct in lieu of acting can be assigned to that detail should need arise. Per plays… Four of the eight spots will be allocated to playwrights new to the Festival and four to returning

24HP writers. Again, a wait-list will be arranged where necessary and/or to pull a writer from one category to the next. By indicating a willingness to direct, or act, in the event you are not selected to write, you are aligning with your festival brothers and sisters in the pursuit of theater that is fresh and crackling on the edge.

Please contact Paul Pilcher by e-mail with any questions or concerns. Please include your name and whether you plan to write, act, or direct.

DONATE and reserve a seat to the festival. Please include your name and phone number in the notes section.

Happy Holidays!