Payomet Festival of Family Theater & Circus Arts for Children

Payomet Kid's Fest Title


For complete schedule details and to purchase tickets, visit  Payomet.ORG  or call 508.487.5400

Thurs, Aug 14pm Magic Show! The Amazing Richard presents magic, illusions, and the Famous Houdini Disappearing Act! (1 hour)

Fri, Aug 27pm Mimescapes Performance: Silent Theater (1 hour)

Silent Theater Performance by the legendary Grant Bashore and Rick Wamer of Mimescapes Theater, direct from Tucson Arizona

Sat, Aug 37pm Mimescapes Performance: Silent Theater

Sun, Aug 4: 12:30-2:30pm Mimescapes silent theater workshop

Sun, Aug 4: 8pm Music Concert to benefit Bikes Not Bombs (at the Payomet tent in North Truro) featuring David Wax Museum — direct from their national tour and special guest opener, Sarah Swain, with Sarah & The Oh Boys!

Mon, Aug 5: 11am-12pm Trevor the Juggler

Mon, Aug 5: 12:30-1:30pm Trevor’s Juggling Workshop

Tues, Aug 6: 11am-12pm  Magic Show! Marcus the Magician

The Circus comes to Provincetown! Circus Minimus featuring Kevin O’Keefe comes to town for two days of circus arts workshops and circus performances!

Wed, Aug 7: 10-12pm Circus Arts Workshop Part 1

Wed, Aug 7: 12:30-2:30pm Circus Arts Workshop Part 2

Wed, Aug 7: 7pm Circus Minimus “Circus in a Suitcase”

Thurs, Aug 8: 11am Circus Minimus “Circus in a Suitcase”

Thurs, Aug 8: 8pm Twelfth Night William Shakespeare’s beloved comedy, fully staged, running to rave reviews at the Payomet tent, and on tour in Provincetown for 3 days!  For ages 12

& older. “Hilarious” -Provincetown Magazine. “A rare pleasure”  -Cape Cod Times

Fri, Aug 9: 11am Dream Tale Puppets presents “Jack and the Beanstalk”   Don’t miss Polish-trained puppet theater artist Jacek Zuzanski’s imaginative take on this classic.


Fri, Aug 9: 8pm Twelfth Night– Payomet’s 2nd Provincetown performance of Shakespeare’s beloved comedy, fully staged.  For ages 12 & older.

Sat, Aug 10: 5pm Twelfth Night – The Short Version, for ages 5-11. This is a special 45 minute abridged version of Twelfth Night and immediately following the performance the actors (all 8!) take the stage for a 10 min Q&A with the kids (and adults!) in the audience.

Sat, Aug 10: 8pm Twelfth Night– Payomet’s 3rd and final Provincetown performance of Shakespeare’s beloved comedy, fully staged.  For ages 12 & older.