CTEK Arts Benefit with Irish Band





CTEK Arts is taking “SUPER-LUBRICATED”, by Lynda Sturner and Jim Dalglish, to the international stage and will be performing it in the International Dublin Gay Theater Festival 2016 (www.gaytheatre.ie).

Margaret Van Sant, Artistic Director of CTEK Arts said: “We are honored that this will be our third appearance at this great festival; the largest gay theater festival in the world. It would be wonderful if people could join us in Dublin! The play will run for six performances, May 9 – 15, 2016. We are also holding a benefit March 19th to raise funds for the trip, where you can see the play, enjoy a wonderful Celtic concert by Billy and Beth, and bid on auction items. The festival is a great opportunity to promote Provincetown theater, culture, and tourism, In fact, last year CTEK Arts hosted the festival Artistic Director, Brian Merriman, in a visit to Provincetown, where he spoke with the Provincetown Theater Playwrights Lab.”

SUPER-LUBRICATED, by Lynda Sturner and Jim Dalglish, is a comedic and compelling evening of theater featuring the playwrights as the actors. SUPER-LUBRICATED, directed by Margaret Van Sant, is set in the wee hours of the early morning, as two strangers, a widow and a clerk working the grave-yard shift, discover the secret to life might be as obvious as a box hanging on a rack at the local Walgreen’s. Helen (Lynda Sturner) and Perry (Jim Dalglish) talk love, loss, and condoms.

The Dublin Benefit on March 19th at the Provincetown Theater will feature a Celtic Concert with Billy Hardy and Beth Sweeney, a multi-instrumental duo performing elegant slow airs, spirited marches and hornpipes, lively jigs and reels. Billy and Beth have been performing together for over 20 years; their instruments include fiddle, piano, and banjo, with songs in Irish Gaelic. There will also be fabulous food from local restaurants and an auction with a chance to bid on great goods, services, and theater and concert tickets.

The play, “SUPER-LUBRICATED” has deep roots in Provincetown. Provincetown, known as the birthplace of Modern American Drama, has been instrumental in developing “SUPER-LUBRICATED”. The play began as one in a series of six short plays about sex called SEXTET. It was first produced by the Provincetown Theater Company in 2004. In 2015, Margaret Van Sant chose the play for CTEK Arts Woman’s International Theater Festival. Jim and Lynda updated the play to the current time frame.

CTEK Arts is raising money now to take the company of four – playwrights and actors Lynda Sturner and Jim Dalglish, director Margaret Van Sant, and company/stage manager Ellen Rubenstein to the festival. The International Dublin Gay Theater Festival (IDGTF) is the largest festival of its kind in the world and celebrates the diverse stories of LGBT people through theatre, bringing these to a mainstream audience each May. The Festival is now in its 13th year and will take place from May 2 to 19 this year presenting an exciting and varied lineup of shows from Ireland and around the world.

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