Ryan Landry and The Gold Dust Orphans present “Pornocchio”

A little wooden boy awakened by a fairy.  A talking cricket with a conservative agenda.
A puppeteer who goes off his meds and ends up inside a whale.
Sure, you’ve heard the story before, but never like THIS!
Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls …
The Gold Dust Orphans bring you thier brand new musical parody
“Pornocchio”  Get ready for big splashy songs, tap dancing Puppets, drunken Sprites, sleazy Foxes, greasy Sex Peddlars, evil Smut Smugglars, amorous Donkeys and more fun than you can probably handle in one evening!

Sent through The Gold Dust Orphans’ glitter filled parody machine, our story features the lovely Grace Carney as “Pornocchio” The cast will also include all your favorite Orphans including (but not limited to) Ryan Landry, Penny Champayne, Olive Another, Liza Lott, Gene Dante and Robin Banks.

The MOUTHWATERING costumes are by Scott Martino
The TERRIFIC sets by Amelia Gossett
The SUPERIOR direction by James P. Byrne
The PRESS PHOTOS by Michael von Redlich

So join us, won’t you, as we bring you perhaps the most exciting Gold Dust Orphans adventure to date …

This is an ADULT parody!