Reading of Arthur Egeli’s “Misconception”


Provincetown Theater will host a reading for Arthur Egeli’s screenplay for “Misconception” on Saturday, May 10th, at 7:30 pm.   Arthur’s film “Ghost Forest” recently premiered at the Arizona International Film Festival to rave reviews and Misconception will be shot in Provincetown this October.

What started as a short play for the Provincetown Theater’s 24 Playwright’s Festival, Misconception, will become the director’s next feature film.  In the festival,  writers must choose their cast out of a hat and then put on a play with those actors the following evening.  Arthur was one of seven writers selected for the festival.

Misconception is a  black comedy about a lesbian couple’s search for the ideal sperm donor for their child.   When they finally find him,  he dies during the act and the couple must dispose of his body in the dunes.

The screenplay reading will feature the original cast from the festival including Arthur’s wife and co-writer, Heather Egeli,  Kate Wallace-Rogers, Cindy Harrington and Ron Fowler and in addition, Sunie Pope, Judith Partelow and Bragan Thomas.

Arthur Egeli is a longtime Provincetown artist and owns Egeli Gallery on Commercial Street.  His first feature, The Art of Passion, was shot in town in 1994 and is available at the library.