Spring Playwrights’ Festival 2014

The Festival runs April 10-13, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm and Sunday at 3pm.
$10 Suggested donation at the door. Each piece will be performed each night of the festival.


Seattle, by Kathleen Warnock, Directed by Margaret Van Sant

A woman tells how she found, lost, then found again the love of her life and what knowledge the renewal of her passion has brought her.

Going Up?, by Lucy Blood, Directed by Bob Cohen

A nervous businessman trying to get to an important meeting is trapped in an elevator with two strangers on the 25th floor.

Kissing Roy Rogers, by Candace Perry

First cousins, Kyle and Kate, meet again at their grandmother’s funeral in the hopes that memory and true love will trump taboo.

American Empire, by Phillip James Montano, Directed by Racine Oxtoby

New neighbors chat about the perils of marriage, love and furniture.


The Transylvanian Embassy, by Doug Asher-Best, Directed by Bragan Thomas

A long-term friendship is complicated by furniture choice.

The Boy, by Aaron Leventman, Directed by Roger Chauvette

Devon, a 30-something slacker, must come to terms with taking on the role of a caretaker to his 40-something boyfriend, Richard, who has testicular cancer.

To Die For, by Jan Maher, Directed by Allison Hyder

An aging poet and spouse test out their proper sofa on which to spend their last moments together.