Tennessee Williams Theater Festival


50% ILLUSION: Tennessee Williams & Women

Tennessee Williams gave words for new kinds of women onstage – the deceptively strong, the strongly deceptive, the self-doubting, the frankly desirous, the self-determined – all of them invariably unforgettable. This year we’ll present nine productions that explore Williams’ enduring classics and wild experiments, alongside plays by Gertrude Stein, Susan Glaspell and other playwrights reimagining women’s roles onstage and off.


Featured Productions:

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof – the Pulitzer Prize winning classic in an historic Provincetown venue that will surprise you: a new production from Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater directed by Elizabeth Falk.

Kingdom of Earth – last season’s South African sensation returns to Provincetown. “As directed by Fred Abrahamse, the play grabbed hold of your throat and slowly, purposefully, squeezed your breath away. … the effect was riveting …” Robert Israel, Edge Magazine

The Chorus Girl Plays – The world premiere of Williams’ Curtains for the Gentleman in a burlesque revue framing three short plays by Tom Williams (not yet Tennessee), with chorus girls in the leading roles.

Pink Melon Joy – a delightful play by Gertrude Stein. From the first line  — “My dear what is meat”  — to the last line — “Kiss” — Miss Stein uproots words and overturns audience expectations.