The 2013 Fall Playwright’s Festival

Provincetown Theatre is pleased to present the 2013 Fall Playwright’s Festival, November 7th-10th. Featuring original, 10 minute and one-act plays written by select playwrights from the New England area, the annual festival showcases nonprofessional productions of ten winning scripts chosen from our Playwrights Contest submissions.

This year, the festival will feature diverse theatrical storytelling, including comedies about the modern relationship in love and war, fancy technology gone awry, the creation of man and his idiocy, religious dating and more. Subjects tackled range from religion to technology, with poignant moments of nostalgia and flashback woven throughout.

10 Min Plays

Tennis, Anyone? by Candace Perry
A Bloomsbury Proposal by Carl Rossi
Recalculating by Steven Eimert
Terminal Gate by Lucy Blood
Another Day in Paradise by Joe Starzyk
Deceit by Bob Cohen
Inheritance by Jan Maher
First Confession by Stephen Fruchtman
One Acts
What to Throw Out by Kathleen Warnock
Three Cigarettes Before Breakfast by Bragan Thomas
Performance Dates:

November 7th at 7:30pm, November 9th at 7:30pm & November 10th at 2pm

10 Minute Plays:  Tennis, Anyone?, First Confession, Recalculating, Terminal Gate

One-Act:  Three Cigarettes Before Breakfast

November 8th at 7:30pm,  November 9th at 2pm & November 10th 7:30pm

10 Minute Plays:  A Bloomsbury Proposal,  Deceit, Inheritance, Another Day in Paradise

One-Act: What to Throw Out

Photo by Bragan Thomas. Atte Kekkonen as Philip Cabot & Cynthia Wegel as Brenda Cabot
Photo by Bragan Thomas. Atte Kekkonen as Philip Cabot & Cynthia Wegel as Brenda Cabot

Purchasing tickets are donation based.  Please be sure to specify in the Comments section which show you are purchasing for and how many tickets you would like.  Thank you.


Suggested Minimum Donation: $10