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Women's International Theater Festival 2015

Oct 14 - Oct 17 at 7:30 pm
Oct 16 at 1:00 pm
Oct 16 at 4:00 pm
Oct 17 at 2:00 pm

PTown_WomensWeek_Ad_2015_Proof1 THE TEN MINUTE PLAYS: THE BELL by Candyce Rusk A WOMAN AND A LIONESS by Lee Roscoe DUNE SHACK MON AMOUR by Candace Perry JOY RIDE by Melissa Nussbaum Freeman JULIE ANDREWS IS THE DEVIL by Kathleen Warnock THE POINT OF GREATEST INTEREST by Brigid Moynahan SUPER-LUBRICATED by Lynda Sturner and Jim Dalglish WAITING FOR CHARLIE by Candace Hammond   WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 14 – 7:30pm THE TEN MINUTE PLAYS Provincetown Theater, 238 Bradford Street   THURSDAY, OCTOBER 15 – 7:30pm THE TEN MINUTE PLAYS Provincetown Theater, 238 Bradford Street   FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16 – 1PM – RECEPTION, entertainment and food, at The Masthead, 31 Commercial Street   FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16 – 4pm ROCK THE LINE by Kathleen Warnock, playreading Provincetown Theater, 238 Bradford Street   FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16 – 7:30pm THE TEN MINUTE PLAYS Provincetown Theater, 238 Bradford Street   SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17 – 2pm GOODY by Margaret Van Sant, playreading   SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17 – 7:30pm THE TEN MINUTE PLAYS Provincetown Theater, 238 Bradford Street   SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17 – AFTER PERFORMANCE PANEL DISCUSSION: DO WE STIILL NEED WOMEN’S THEATER FESTIVALS? A discussion of the state of American theater and the presentation of the works of female playwrights.   Tickets are $10 for 10 minute plays and $20 for full-length readings

Adam Miller and Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill

Provincetown Dance Festival

Oct 23 - Oct 24 at 7:30 pm

Adam Miller and Castle Hill Presents the 11th Annual Provincetown Dance Festival

Join us this October for two spectacular evenings with nationally and internationally recognized dancers and dance troupes! Stay tuned for this year's line-up.


This year's roster will include: Gabrielle Revlock Jade Curtis Sokeo Ros Marta Renzi Boston Tap And the winner of the Provincetown Same Couples Ballroom Dance Winners! Adults $33.50 Seniors/Students $28.50 Premiere (Front 2 rows) $78.50   CC_Photoshoot.jpg   Boston Tap.JPG JadeSolomonCurtic_vert.JPG

The Provincetown Theater

Susan Glaspell's "The Verge"

Nov 11 - Nov 14, Nov 18 - Nov 21 at 7:30 pm
Nov 15, Nov 22 at 3:00 pm

"The Verge was one of Susan Glaspell's first fulllength plays and is considered by many to be the most complex of her career. The play grew out of Glaspell's recognition of the way in which Victorian society left some women feeling trapped in roles for which they were unsuited. Because of the play's non-realistic speech patterns and expressionistic elements, it was dismissed by most critics as being muddled and confusing. It has recently been "rediscovered" by feminist theorists, however, who see the work as an important contribution to theater history. At the time of the play's first production in 1921, women were still expected to stay at home and be dutiful wives and mothers. This mindset was meeting with increased resistance. Many women began to voice dissatisfaction with their lack of opportunities and tried to change the situation. Thus, the feminist movement began to take hold. Other women rebelled by retreating into despondency, depression and, sometimes, madness. The Verge also reflects the fascination with Freudian theory that was sweeping the United States at the time. Freud had delivered his first U.S. lectures in 1909, and his theories of psychoanalysis and dream interpretation were widely discussed in many popular publications of the day." --