Announcing Our 2019 Season, Giving Tuesday Campaign

NEXT TUESDAY, we will announce the 2019 Season. But to make it bigger and better than 2018, we’re having a call to action!

THIS SEASON we were able to put on FIVE productions. NEXT YEAR our goal is SIX!

WILL YOU contribute $10 to achieve our goal and COMPLETE THE SEASON?


FROM MAYDAY TO NEW YEAR’S, we want to produce six shows for the main stage! Of those six, we hope to put on,

  • One Pulitzer Prize Winning Play
  • One Tony Award Winning Musical
  • One World Premiere
  • Plus three more full-fledged productions

IF WE MEET OUR GOAL of raising as close to the production budget of our hopeful sixth production: $28,000
THEN on Tuesday, not only will we be able to announce the 2019 Season, but WE’LL ALSO BE ABLE TO ANNOUNCE THE SIXTH AND FINAL PRODUCTION of 2019! Stay tuned!



THIS GIVING TUESDAY, please create your own fundraiser through Facebook to support our not-for-profit institution.¬†Sharing the cause with your friends will go a long way in helping us reach our goal. For those of you who’ve done this for other nonprofit organizations before, you’ll be familiar with the procedure. It’s easy! Just follow the 5 simple steps listed below!

Get Started

  1. Click the button labeled “Get Started” in this post.
  2. Click the “Raise Money” tab on the FB page that pops up.
  3. Select “Nonprofit”.
  4. Type in “Provincetown Theatre Foundation Inc” and select it from the drop-down-menu.
  5. Choose your own fundraising goal and set the end date for Tuesday, 12/04/18.

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