Auditions and Submissions

Updated: February 2023

Open Call Auditions for The Fantasticks

Saturday, February 25, 10am – 3pm

With a sign-up sheet in the theater’s lobby, actors be seen on a first come/first serve basis. With an accompanist provided, actors should either prepare a song from The Fantasticks, or in the vocal range of the character they’re auditioning for. Sides from the script will be available at the auditions, as well as at the Provincetown Theater during weekday business hours. Non-union actors only. 


CAST OF CHARACTERS: Roles Available**

Matt (A lad who falls in love and becomes a man) – ages: 18-30. Youthful exuberance, adventuresome nature, baritone, any race.

Bellomy / Hattie Fae (Lewis’s mother) – ages: 35-55.  Birdlike, comic character actress, adapt physical comedienne, soprano/alto, any race.

Hucklebee / Mildred (Matt’s Mother) –ages: 35-55. Former Army Sergeant, comic character actress, alto, adept physical comedienne, any race.

Henry (Grand Actor) – ageless. Drag queen, great command of stage, grand speaking voice, comic chops, any race.

Mortimer (Go-Go Boy) – ages: 18-30. Comic sidekick (and hostage) to Henry, physical comedian-type, comfortable in a loincloth, any race.

The Mute – ages:18-40. Silent, physically adept, any gender, any race.

**The roles of El Gallo and Lewis have been cast.


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Submissions Policy

The Provincetown Theater welcomes submissions from playwrights, literary agents and theatre colleagues with whom we have an existing professional relationship. Please only submit full-length scripts (no treatments or unfinished submissions).

At this time, we do not accept scripts from any other sources. Unsolicited scripts will be not be read or reviewed.