Grounds for Good!

Socially-conscious & community-oriented, Three Fins supports the Provincetown Theater Foundation

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been selected by Three Fins Coffee Roasters & Mercantile in Dennis, MA to participate in their amazing quest to help Cape Cod small businesses & nonprofits. Just this week, Three Fins began filling orders of their delicious beans for our theater, along with over a dozen other community organizations who – when you select your favorite in the group — receives 50% of the sale of each bag of their freshly roasted house blend, “Point Break.”

So click below and fill your cup to the brim with Three Fins! And remember… for every bag of Three Fins coffee with our label on it, half the money goes back to the Provincetown Theater Foundation to use for our programming (virtual and otherwise) and to help in continuing to pay our artists and staff.

Click here for your bag of Three Fins coffee today!

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