The Fantasticks


July 10th-August 31st
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Beginning July 10, the Provincetown Theater is honored to be producing the East Coast premiere of a newly re-imagined adaptation of Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt’s classic musical, The Fantasticks. While retaining the show’s timelessly romantic score (“Soon It’s Gonna Rain,” “I Can See It,” and “Try to Remember…”), librettist Tom Jones has revised his original script of The Fantasticks to find the young lovers Matt and Luisa have become — Matt and Luis! Moreover, they aren’t being pushed into each other’s arms by their prankster, gardening fathers, but rather by their prankster, gardening mothers! With fresh twists on all the characters, the summer-long run of The Fantasticks in Provincetown – in an adaptation that debuted in 2022 at the Flint Repertory Theatre in Michigan — is a musical theater event not to be missed. The Fantasticks performs Mon – Thursdays, July 10 – Aug 31.