Tonight’s the Night for Our Townie Variety Show!

In our determination to stay connected to the audiences we love by creating new virtual programming, tonight we’re thrilled to bring you a very special and unique live-streaming event in Our Townie Variety Show.

Featuring over a dozen entertainers – plus a dozen+ “greetings” from beloved P’town performers (sending their their best to you from around the world!) — we know you’ll enjoy meeting up with some of your favorites from the Provincetown Theater. Furthermore, true to the depth of each talent who contributed, the depth of their character speaks to their commitment to keeping the performing arts on the Outer Cape alive and well and moving forward — as each generously donated their time and talent to tonight’s show.

A “one night only” special event (yes, there will be only one broadcast of this show), we hope you’ll tune into Our Townie Variety Show this evening (May 24) at 7pm via the link below. And while streaming free-of-charge like all of our virtual productions, we also hope you’ll consider making a donation in order to help the Provincetown Theater steady our course through these most challenging times. Wishing you a safe, loving, and healthy Memorial Day.

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